Tim Mease

Being the third generation of a family full of butchers, Tim Mease takes pride in every cut of meat. He believes that in todays world of careless mass meat production, local butchers are more important then ever. His mastery has brought loyal customers back every week after they taste the difference compared to large grocery store meats. Tim's purpose to let people know they can trust Saylor's with their families dinner. That every item is hand cut, trimmed and ground right in front of you. Nothing to hide.

Maria Verzino

After leaving the corporate world, Maria has made her passion for cooking into a career. Bringing fresh, simple, wholesome food to Hellertown. If you can drive through the fast food window at $10 a person, why couldn't she make something healthy and home cooked for the same price? She believed she could offer people something of quality for themselves and their families. This mind set has brought Saylor's to be known not only for good quality but also good taste. Maria believes that quality ingredients and cooking from the heart are the essentials to a great food.